For Halloween: Creepy video of Great Lakes vampires

If you’re looking for something truly creepy before Halloween, check out these videos of blood-sucking sea lamprey clinging to humans and fish. The videos were provided by the Great Lakes Fishery Commission, which goes to great lengths to keep sea lamprey from taking over the lakes and wiping out fish populations.

Sea lamprey are an invasive species that snuck into the Great Lakes in the early 1900s via manmade canals. The eel-like fish, which cling to fish and suck their bodily fluids until they die, decimated lake trout and whitefish in the Great Lakes before scientists in the 1950s figured out how to kill the swimming vampires.

I’ve had the bizarre experience of a sea lamprey clinging to my arm. It’s unsettling, to say the least, to think that there are thousands of these monsters patrolling the Great Lakes. Sea lamprey only feed on cold-blooded creatures, i.e. fish, but there have been documented cases of the bloodsuckers clinging to people swimming in the Great Lakes. Ick.

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